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Owl Prowl: You Finish the Story! 
dingbatTeacher-led Classroom Activity
Reading, Writing, Life Science


What is it like to see an owl in action?


Students use knowledge, reasoning, and creativity to fill in missing words and phrases to complete a story.

Students will need:

Suggested time:

One class period.

What to do:

  1. Distribute copies of “My Own Owl Prowl,” one to each student.
  2. Explain to students that they are going to finish the story by filling in the missing words. Students can use any words they want to as long as the words are the correct parts of speech. Students should try to match the kind of owl featured in the story to the environment and circumstances they describe.
  3. Set aside class time for students to share their stories.

Extensions and Variations:

Students can write their own stories about an experience on a nature walk, then copy it, leaving out key words. They then exchange stories with a partner, fill in the missing words, and the partners can compare the new stories with the originals.

Photos: Jennifer MaHarry/Audubon Photography Awards; Kelley Hunt.