Audubon Adventures

Window on Wild

Take a peek into the world of birds and other wildlife and the people who care about Planet Earth.

Lights Out: One Bird’s Story

See how lights can confuse a migrating bird.

Arkansas Kids Investigate Birds and Climate Change

Kid news anchors in Arkansas talk to government officials about what everyone can do to fight climate change.

Beach-Nesting Birds

See beach-nesting birds, their eggs and chicks, and find out why they need our help.

Share the Shore

This animated video has easy ways to share the beach with birds.

Meet Oden and Scooter

Oden, a Great Horned Owl, and Scooter, an Eastern Screech-Owl, are educational ambassadors at the John James Audubon Center.

Bald Eagle Nest

A pair of Bald Eagles in Pennsylvania set up housekeeping and care for their eggs through a snowstorm.

Plants for Birds

This short animated video shows how you can help create a better world for birds.

DIY Bird Seed Cookies

Fun way to feed backyard birds! Ask a grownup to help you!

Seed Balls to Help Birds

DIY Fun and easy way to plant native plants for birds

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

DIY Quick and easy: How to make hummingbird nectar for a hummingbird feeder

DIY Pumpkin Feeder for Birds

Homemade and natural bird feeder from a pumpkin!

Wading Birds Galore

Visit the watery world of wading birds at the Celery Fields recreation area in Sarasota, Florida. How many different wading bird species can you spot here?

Tracking Wood Thrush Migration

A tiny transmitter attached to the back of a Wood Thrush tells the story of one bird's 3,000-mile migratory journey across international boundaries.

Photo: Nathan Banfield