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Use these questions to assess students’ learning with Audubon Adventures "Owl Prowl." The questions are based on the content of the "Owl Prowl" downloadable student magazine, which students should have available for reference as they choose answers. The answer key includes correct answers, discussion of how to use students’ answers diagnostically, and suggestions for further exploration of the topic.

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Show What You Know About Owls!

Choose the letter that best answers each question.

  1. Owls are birds of prey, which means…
    1. They are active at night.
    2. They nest in tree cavities.
    3. They hunt and eat other animals.
    4. They can turn their heads almost all the way around and upside down.
  2. Why do farmers like having owls around?
    1. Owls scare away predators.
    2. Owls eat rodents that damage crops.
    3. Owls help keep farm animals calm.
    4. Owls only hunt at night.
  3. Which statement about owls is false?
    1. Owls can turn their heads all the way around.
    2. Some owls hunt during the daytime.
    3. Owls have special feathers that help them fly silently.
    4. There are owls that nest underground.
  4. A crepuscular owl…
    1. nests in tree cavities.
    2. has tufts of feathers that look like horns.
    3. eats only snakes and skunks.
    4. is active mainly at twilight.
  5. Using complete sentences, describe what you think people should know about owls and why we should try to protect them and their habitats

Photo: Jennifer MaHarry/Audubon Photography Awards.