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Use these questions to assess students’ learning with Audubon Adventures “Sharing Our Shores.” The questions are based on the content of the “Sharing Our Shores” downloadable student magazine, which students should have available for reference as they choose answers. The answer key includes correct answers, discussion of how to use students’ answers diagnostically, and suggestions for further exploration of the topic.

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Show What You Know About Sharing Our Shores!

Choose the letter that best answers each question.

  1. Which is an example of a technique used by ground-nesting birds to keep predators away from a nest and protect eggs and chicks?
    1. flying low over the ocean surface
    2. stamping their feet
    3. migrating
    4. running and squeaking like a small rodent
  2. What is a scrape?
    1. a baby pelican
    2. a shallow place in the sand used as a nest
    3. a kind of insect found on the shore
    4. a kind of bird that lives at the shore
  3. Which are examples of ways that people can respectfully share the shore with shorebirds? (You can choose more than one answer.)
    1. be careful where you walk and play
    2. trample down big sand dunes
    3. feed the birds whenever possible
    4. dispose of trash properly
  4. What do Black Oystercatchers eat?
    1. fish
    2. seaweed
    3. mollusks
    4. worms
  5. What do beach stewards do? (You can choose more than one answer.)
    1. own a lot of beach-nesting birds
    2. answer questions about birds and other wildlife
    3. help people observe birds at the beach
    4. keeps birds away from the beach
  6. Using complete sentences, tell what people can do to enjoy being at the shore and also protect the habitat for birds and other animals that live there.

Photo: Peggy Cook