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Join in the Action!

Have you ever cared about something in trouble, and thought: Why doesn’t someone DO something? Maybe that someone is you! Young people everywhere are taking action to help the natural areas, birds, and other wildlife they care deeply about. They are figuring out—and doing—what needs to be done. Kids of all ages are making their communities more wildlife-friendly and the Earth cleaner, healthier, and greener. You can, too!

Provide a Pit Stop for
Feathered Travelers

backyard art

Turn your backyard or schoolyard into a welcoming place for birds.

  • Prevent window crashes. Stop birds from hitting windows by putting up screens, closing drapes and blinds, or sticking decals on the glass.
  • Go chemical free. Chemicals that kill bugs and weeds can also harm wildlife, pets, and people.
  • Keep kitty inside. Outdoor cats kill birds and don’t live as long as indoor pets.
  • Give them shelter. Leaving dead trees, fallen branches, and brush piles creates nesting habitat and provides birds cover from predators and during bad weather.
  • Think native. Planting native plants provides birds with the foods they need, including fruit, seeds, and tasty bugs.
  • Water the birds. Provide birdbaths. Be sure to replace the water regularly to prevent mosquitos from moving in!


Be a Steward of the Earth

Everyone wants a healthy environment. Being good stewards of the Earth means protecting and preserving our natural heritage and conserving its resources. Every person of any age in any place can find some way to make our world cleaner, healthier, and greener.

Kids are diving in to help Audubon create bird-friendly communities from coast to coast. This free poster has inspiring stories and take-action tips for youngsters who want to get involved.

Download it and hang it on your wall or share it with your friends.

Photo: Ryan Stone. Illustration: Vincent Giarrano.