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Use these questions to assess students' learning with Audubon Adventures "Seabirds: Feathered Ocean Mariners." The questions are based on the content of the “Seabirds” downloadable student magazine. The answer key includes correct answers, discussion of how to use students' answers diagnostically, and suggestions for further exploration of the topic.

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Show What You Know About Seabirds!

Choose the letter that best answers each question.

  1. Where might you find a Least Tern nest? (You can choose more than one answer.)
    1. in a very tall tree
    2. on the roof of a building
    3. on a beach
    4. in an underground burrow
  2. Why did Steve Kress want to raise Atlantic Puffin chicks on Eastern Egg Rock?
    1. He wanted to remove Atlantic Puffins from Newfoundland.
    2. He hoped the puffins would return there to nest in a few years.
    3. He wanted to photograph Atlantic Puffin chicks.
    4. He wanted to see how they would react to wooden puffin decoys.
  3. A very large percentage of the seabirds that breed in the United States do so in…
    1. Maine
    2. Newfoundland
    3. Florida
    4. Alaska
  4. Which statements are true? (You can choose more than one answer.)
    1. Trash dumped in a river far from the sea cannot harm seabirds.
    2. Puffins can swim underwater.
    3. Many seabirds travel thousands of miles a year.
    4. Having waterproof feathers is an adaptation that helps seabirds survive in the ocean.
  5. Some seabirds only return to land…
    1. to lay eggs and raise chicks.
    2. only in winter.
    3. only in spring and summer.
    4. to find food.
  6. In your own words and using complete sentences, tell what this sentence means: “Protecting seabirds is an international—and urgent—effort.”