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Use these questions to assess students’ learning with Audubon Adventures "Get to Know Birds." The questions are based on the content of the "Get to Know Birds" downloadable student magazine, which students should have available for reference as they choose answers. The answer key includes correct answers, discussion of how to use students’ answers diagnostically, and suggestions for further exploration of the topic.

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Show What You Know About Birds!

Choose the letter that best answers each question.

  1. What characteristic do birds have that no other kind of animal has?
    1. the ability to fly
    2. keen eyesight
    3. feathers
    4. webbed feet
  2. Which of these are examples of field marks? (You can choose more than one answer.)
    1. crest
    2. bright blue flowers
    3. webbed feet
    4. thick tree bark
  3. John James Audubon was…
    1. a businessman
    2. a naturalist and artist
    3. a scientist
    4. a writer
  4. Which statements are true? (You can choose more than one answer.)
    1. You can’t identify a bird unless you can see it.
    2. Birds have a variety of colors and sizes.
    3. Hopping in the grass is not a characteristic behavior of hummingbirds.
    4. Male and female birds of the same species are sometimes different colors.
  5. Which continent has the fewest bird species?
    1. Antarctica
    2. Australia
    3. North America
    4. Europe
  6. In your own words and using complete sentences, tell how you can be a naturalist and a friend to birds no matter where you live.

Photo: Camilla Cerea.